sunnuntai 1. heinäkuuta 2012

Getting ready~

We are getting ready for tomorrow's shopping trip to Tampere and Lempäälä (places in Finland ) and its quite interesting to search about shops where we will go. East-Asia Mart, is one of them. We are going to buy FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD and Sanni wants some Haneulpori which is a Korean soft drink. Heini is looking for some kimchi and dumplings. I bet Sanni wants some kimchi too! 

Before going to East-Asia Mart, we head our steps to Ideapark, which locates in Lempäälä. There we will buy clothes and maybe some other stuff like books or games. lol. 

The trip to Lempäälä will be quite long so we prepared some k-pop; Super Junior's Sexy, Free & Single album, etc.  

Then something about this day. 

Although we are in Finland, here is hot as hell. We are going to diiiiiiiiiiie. We don't like hot weather at all so we are staying inside. Sanni came at Heini's place at noon. After that we opened the radio and blasted some k-pop, as always.

We tried to study some Korean for a while but Sanni couldn't concentrate so we didn't study. Stupid Sanni :c After that Sanni got an idea about this shared blog. And here we are - writing this post together. We wanted to take some pictures but Heini looks so horrible today so we couldn't take any. Sorry about that. 

Heini looks like this today.
Tomorrow we will take sooooo many pictures that you will get bored while watching them. No need to thank (:! 

See you! 

xoxo HyeIn & Shinju 

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