tiistai 3. heinäkuuta 2012

Ideapark and East-Asia Mart

The trip to Ideapark was nice and we had fun. We also took lots of pictures and that's the reason we are posting about it today and not yesterday as we planned. On Monday we woke up early, like 8.30 or so, and both of us were tired since we hadn't slept so much. Fortunately we got to sleep in the car while Heini's father was driving. However either of us couldn't fall asleep so we listened to music, U-Kiss' Neverland album.

As you can see, Heini was very tired. She slept the whole time when we were heading back to home.

More about IdeaPark. It was kind of lame. We were waiting for something bigger and cooler, but it wasn't anything like that. It was just a normal mall with same kind of shops. Boooooring. We should have gone to Funpark which was in Ideapark, then there would have been fun.  

Both of us bought Call of Duty 4, and they cost only 40 euros together. So 20 euros for one. We didn't buy anything else.

Come to visit or go home! This was outside of Ideapark. Now I think we should have gone home.

East-Asia Mart was cool, but we didn't find much to buy. Heini bought kimchi, wonton pastry, Yan yan candies, peach drink, rice cakes and some weird vegetable thing. Sanni bought kimchi, hot pepper paste, Yan yan candies and Aloe vera drink.

xoxo Shinju & HyeIn

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