torstai 13. joulukuuta 2012

So long hiatus, hello better blog!

Hey everyone, it's Hyein writing. As you might have noticed we had an unplanned hiatus basically because we forgot this blog. Oops~ But now that I've got some spare time I might as well use it editing this blog and posting something ^^

Shinju and I are going to watch the new Hobbit movie on Saturday and after that she might come at my house for a sleepover so maybe then we will finally write something together (: We have seen each other few times while we were on a hiatus. For example we were at Yamacon and we went shopping~

In order that this would be a bit interesting I'm going to post some pictures from the Ideapark trip :D I hope we won't forget this blog from now on.

Since Shinju posted a picture of me sleeping, revenge is sweet >:))

We bought these cool swimming shorts XD *sings Sexy, free and single*

We saw this beautiful church but I forgot where in Finland it is and unfortunately I couldn't get a better picture, sorry ~
xoxo Hyein

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  1. heini, you bitch xDDdddddDD I look like a pig in that pic. oh god, why XDDDDDD


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